North Pole Inner Earth Expedition

North Pole Inner Earth Expedition

Welcome to the greatest expedition in history.  We know you have been thinking about this for a long time.  So have we.  Our team has toured the world in search of the legend of the Hollow Earth.  The ONLY challenge left, is the voyage to Arctic to see if the opening exists.  Join us.

Special Annoucement:

Due to the economic effects of Operation COVID-19, the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is being repositioned to August of 2022.  This provides us ample time to contact the more than 20 million of you who follow the expedition and provide a way for you to participate.  We never give up.  We have been invited.

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About Us

Our team has been working to discover the facts behind the legend that Earth may be hollow for more than 15 years.  We have traveled to nearly every continent, including the Antarctic.  This summer, we will travel to Russia and beyond to set up the greatest expedition ever.  We will also set up a way for ALL of you to come with us.  Live. 

About the Ship

The new Arktica Class nuclear powered icebreakers are the most advanced in the world.  Operated by Murmansk Shipping Company, they travael to the Arctic and Antarctic Regions every year.   In 2022, we are chartering one of these fine ships to take 125 intrepid explorers to the Arctic Region to search for an opening in the crust of the Earth. Come with us.

About the Mission

We set sail in August of 2022 out of Murmask, Russia. We sail the roughest seas on the planet until we reach ice.  Then, we break ice for a week to reach  region of ocean never seen before from sea level.  We are searching for an opening that connects a known inner ocean with the surface ocean.  If we find it, the whole world will change.

Come With Us

You are the most important part of this Expedition.  Without you, this will not happen.  We are 100% dedicated to the awareness of all people about the possibility that planet Earth is far more than a ball of crusted lava floating through space.  We need you to SUBSCRIBE to Hollow Earth TV, so you can go with us wherever we go in search of the truth about this legend.  Do it now.

The Business Plan

We have 20 million followers of the Hollow Earth all around thw world.  We want all of you to come with us.  If 100 thousand or more will subscribe to stream this amazing reality program LIVE, then the mission will succeed.  There is a $4.5 million cost to conduct the voyage.

To participate, fans must subscribe to Hollow Earth TV with the button below.

Live Stream from the Ship

We will operate 4 channels of live streaming content from the Arctika Class ship with 125 passengers plus a crew of more than 100 on board.  The Sun will be up 22 hours a day, and we will be filming 24 hours a day, including a full-time UFO watch.

All the experiments, smashing through meters if ice, and interviews with the scientists and explorers on the ship will be included.  Multiple helicopter flights to the ice flows around the ship and beyond will take place and will be filmed as well.

In all, more than 3 thousand hours of film will be collected, and a feature film will be produced after the voyage.  Subscribers get access to EVERYTHING.