About Us

Brooks Agnew - Expedition Leader

Brooks is a master engineer, author of 11 books (7 best-sellers), a world renowned public speaker, and the leader of the Expedition. He bring 30 years of project management and patented design work with the team.  He has followed the Hollow Earth legend all over the world for more than 15 years.

Brad Olsen - Expedition Leader

Brad is a travel writer wth 10 books in print.  He has visited every continent on Earth, except the Arctic, and has investigated every major myth and legend known to man.  He is an outstanding live speaker.  His most recent voyage to the Antarctic set the record straight on some of the biggest Disclosure subjects in history.  We are in excellent hands with Brad on the team.

Doc Skinner

Doc is an accomplished screenwriter, film editor, director, producer, actor, and live event planner.  He has worked on dozens of successful productions including the award-winning Turnover which is now in theaters.  Everything we do on the Expedition is done with the audience in mind.  

Terry Reesing

Terry is a logistics expert with 3 decades of experience moving complicated freight around the world.  She is a top-notch travel executive now heading up the enormous task of moving 100 scientists and their gear, along with the production and leadership teams to the Arctic and back home safe.  

Suzanne Ross

Suzanne is a world class event planner and legendary tour guide out of Sedona, Arizona.  As a highly successful health and wellness coach with more than 2 decades of leadership experience working with the tallest egos on the West Coast, she has no problem making sure we put our best public foot forward.  She is the creator of SciSpi.tv and the curator of Hollow Earth TV.